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Our goal is to produce healthy, structurally, and mentally sound Siberian Huskies, and Miniature Dachshunds. With correct type and outstanding temperaments. We strive to be transparent. That is why you will find all health testing on each of our dogs’ pages along with their certified pedigrees and titles earned. All our dogs have earned or working towards, a title in either conformation, performance, or companion activities. We feel competing with our dogs (all of them) that we have proven their strengths that we know they have and have done so as owner handler. We strive to produce the best puppies out there. We have done extensive research on health and temperament on the pedigrees of all our dogs and choose our pairings based on our extended knowledge to produce the best puppies. Rys N Hy has been extremely selective on choosing our dogs and feel that we have the perfect combination for our foundation lines.

A solid foundation is ever so important! We offer a lifetime health guarantee on all of our puppies (see our contract) which covers all genetic diseases that we have tested for. We also offer an extended 10 year health guarantee when you continue our recommended nutritional program for the lifetime of your puppy. Genetics is not the only factor in health. Nutrition and Environment play a huge role as well.

Our puppies are born in our home and raised with a specific rearing process we have specialized for our program at Rys N Hy. We set you and your puppy up for success from birth until after they leave by not only giving them the very best start possible but by supplying the connections and tools needed to continue your relationship with your newest family member. Most of our puppies are sold on limited registration/Pet Papered to performance or pet homes.

A word on full registration - We do sell selected puppies to pre-qualified show/breeding homes as well. We started off a small breeder and there were breeders out there that gave us a chance, so we offer that same chance and mentor ship to our customers paying it forward. We love to help build, improve, and mentor breeding programs with the right dogs. I feel that we do not do the breed justice when we turn everyone away without helping and coaching (everyone starts somewhere) -they are going to buy a puppy somewhere-we want to make sure its the right one with the right knowledge! That does not mean everyone should breed and that is why you must be pre-qualified before being able to have full registration. We do not condone "Designer or doodle breeding"

Explore our website and if you have any questions or cant find what you are looking for give us a call/text (816)225-9642 or email us at

The Rys Family
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